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Add BANDZONE to the home screen on iOS

In the following, we'll show you (using an iPad as an example) how to add the BANDZONE as a link to the home screen of your iPhone or iPad. This gives you more screen space and makes it feel more like an app.

Please note:
The following only works via the “Safari” browser.

Unfortunately, other browsers on iOS do not support adding to the home screen.

1Log in with your email address and password

Optional: Select “Stay logged in” if you want to stay logged in for a longer period of time.

After logging in, switch to the page you want to start on as soon as you select the icon on the home screen - e.g. the band overview.

2Click on the “Share” icon

3From the menu, select “To Home Screen”

In your browser, this entry may be different depending on the language.

4Click on “Add.”

Below you can also see the selected address, which is called up when you open the home screen icon for the first time: it is the address from which you click the “Share” button.

Done! :)

The BandZone logo now appears on your home screen and you can slide it anywhere for faster access.

Here are the instructions for Android »