Prices per band

We don't have huge feature tables or auto-starting subscriptions:
All plans contain all features as well as 8GB of storage.

Band members
6 USD / Month
189 USD one-time
Band members

11 USD / Month
319 USD one-time
Band members

18 USD / Month
449 USD one-time

Your band mates do not pay extra!

You can create as many bands as you like within your account and book a plan for each band individually.

Roughly a microphone stand per band member for all features.
BANDZONE Paket "Mini"
4 band members
or6 USD per Month
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BANDZONE Paket "Plus"
32 band members
or18 USD per Month
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The features in detail


Band admins

Each band member can be made a band admin and then has extended editing rights.

Band info

Band information can be stored in the form of private notes and files or even files made public. The latter may be helpful e.g. for the band's press kit, logos or tech rider.

Band members

... including phone numbers, addresses, e-mail, WhatsApp phone number, etc

Band files

Important files, such as press releases, logos, tech riders, etc., can be stored for each band, with the option to make them publicly available or accessible to the band only.

Invitation of band members

Band members can easily be invited to BANDZONE via email.

Finance admin

Each band member can be made a financial admin and therefore has extended editing rights for financial data.


For every band member, you can add instruments. These can be used, e.g., to optimize setlists.

Instrument groups

The main instrument group (s) can be specified per band member for later display, e.g. in the rehearsal list.

WhatsApp phone number info

The first phone number of each band member can be set as WhatsApp phone number. When activated, a WhatsApp button appears in the band member overview, which starts WhatsApp directly on click if it is installed on the current device.

Songs & Setlists

General song notes

This is the place for quick notes for everyone, e.g. during rehearsal or preparation.

Anonymous song ratings

Songs can be rated and commented anonymously in 4 levels. This allows you to quickly agree on the hot new song for your band's show or to archive songs that are no longer quite as fresh.

Calculation of the total playing time of a setlist

The total playing time of a setlist is calculated automatically based on the stored song durations.

Song files

A central location for all lead sheets, texts, sheet music, band recordings,...

FOH info per song (light & sound separated)

Important show information for FOH can be stored with every song and will be shown in the special FOH setlist exports.

Instruments per song

The instruments for each band member can be stored for each song. For easy assignment, the available instruments in songs are reduced to the instruments set up in the band member's profile.

Visual tempo indicator in the song

If a tempo is specified for the song, this is displayed in the song view by an optical pulse.

Personal notes per song

Each band member can store personal notes about the instrument, song sequence and extended information for each song. This means that each song can contain information about the tuning, capo positions, FX settings, lyrics reminders, etc., which are only relevant for the respective band member and are also only displayed for this band member in their setlists.

Quick change and review of personal song notes

If a song is accessed via a setlist, personal song notes (instrument notes and general notes for the setlist as well as personal detailed notes) for this setlist can be edited quickly one after the other. With that the information can be quickly checked and/or updated before a gig, for example.

Create setlists

Setlists can be created from all songs in the program via drag & drop (including breaks).

Copy setlists

Setlists can easily be copied, e.g. to quickly try out another slightly modified variant before a gig without destroying the original setlist or to create a new setlist based on a successful existing one etc.

Setlist download in GEMA format

A setlist can be downloaded in a format that can be copied directly into the Gema template. The required data is checked for completeness beforehand.

Set list downloads for the band

This special export of the setlist includes song name, key, tempo, lead vocals, personal notes, set durations and more. Your can use it as is or can easily create your personal setlist by just removing things you don't need.

FOH (Light & Sound) setlist downloads

3 special setlists can be created for the FOH crew. These also contain lead vocals, tempo and specific technical information stored with the song.

Song tempo

The tempo can be entered manually or with the tap tempo function.


The key(s) of a song can be specified as a short note. They are then displayed in setlist views and the setlist download.


Subscribable personal calendar

Each bandmate can subscribe to their individual band calendars.


Absences can be very easily entered by bandmates several months or even years in advance, making gig planning even more streamlined.

Absences in the event calendar

The band members' absences are shown in the event calendar, giving you an overview of “everything”.

Automatic notifications

When there are changes in the availability of band members for an event, a notification is automatically sent to the person responsible for the event (this can be turned off in personal notification settings).

Assigning band members to events

Band members can be assigned to events or marked as not needed. This allows for example, special rehearsals for parts of the band to be coordinated without the events appearing for all non-required band members.

Each band member has a default setting in their profile, which can be changed by an admin. Thus, for example, the technical crew can be set to "not needed" by default, so they don't have to be deselected for every event.

Existing events and absences in the date pickers

Existing events and absences are displayed in the date pickers so that you can see directly whether a date may be blocked. The information is of course also available in the date picker for event groups.

File upload for events

This allows for, e.g., event-specific tech riders to be made publicly available for event organizers.

Venue files

For event venues, files such as general information about bookings, technical equipment, etc. can be stored.

Information about the venue directly in the event

For events that take place at a one-time venue, information about the venue can also be provided directly in the event. The information about the venue can later be easily changed into a reusable location.

Fee per event per band member

For each band member, it is possible to set an individual fee for an event. The fee is only visible to the respective band member, as well as the band admin and the financial admin of the band. However, only the band and finance admin can change them. For each band member, there is also a default value for the fee, which can be stored in the profile.

Downloadable calendar (.xlsx, .ics)

Calendar information can be downloaded in Excel and ICS formats.

Individual messages for events

When an event is created or changed, individual messages can be sent to all band members.

Yearly overview

All dates (incl. status and event type) are clearly listed in monthly blocks in an annual overview.

Calendar subscription can be switched on/off on a per band basis

A band admin can turn the calendar subscription feature on and off.

List view

In the extended list view for events, all data is easily accessible in fold-out sections.

Create multiple events at once

Several events can be created at once and grouped very easily using a multi-month calendar, that also shows already existing events.

Rehearsal view

The rehearsal view shows all availabilities with instrument groups and time data.

Export upcoming events

All upcoming events can be downloaded as XLS (e.g. for posting in the band room).

Event filters

All event overviews can be filtered by type, status and personal participation.

Event types

Event types (e.g. rehearsal, gig, press meeting,...) make the annual calendar (and not only this one) even more informative.


The availability of each band member for each event can be provided and a comment can be added.

Lock event availability

Event availabilities that have already been submitted can be locked as soon as the appointment is no longer in the “Requested” status.

Availability overview

The tabular overview allows for easy scheduling.

Links to setlists and venues

Events can be linked to existing setlists and venues. So if your band performs in a specific venue more than once, that data would not have to be added over and over again for each gig. You can also track the songs you played at each gig via the linked setlists, so GEMA reports become way easier.

Individual event availabilities are editable by band admin

Band admins (and people responsible for an event) can adjust the availability of band members so that any incoming feedback (even if not initially done in BANDZONE) can also be easily integrated into BANDZONE.

Re-usable venues

... including address and contact persons.


Email to all band mates

An “e-mail to all” function, which can be accessed directly in the navigation, makes it possible to quickly send an e-mail to all band members.

Audio files can be played back directly

Audio files can be played back directly via the integrated audio player.

Band dashboard

The band dashboard includes recent changes, upcoming appointments, an overview of storage usage, etc.

Any number of bands

Any number of bands can be managed in each BANDZONE account. It is irrelevant whether you are an admin yourself or “just” a band member.

File categories

Files can be stored in categories. The available categories are specific to the place where files can be attached.

Share links

Links to various areas and elements (such as songs or events) of the BANDZONE can be easily shared with band members.

Use BANDZONE on mobile devices

BANDZONE can be easily used on mobile devices and tablets. In our help articles for iOS and android we explain in detail how you can add BANDZONE to your home screen and thus use it almost like an app. What BANDZONE looks like on smartphones and why there is currently no native app is described in a separate article.

Public and private files

With every file upload, you can specify whether this file should be public or only accessible to band members.

More or less

Frequently asked questions

How long are coupon codes valid, and what can they be used for?

How long?

Whereever you see BANDZONE coupon codes, it is usually also stated whether there is a limit: i.e. a time limit or a maximum number of bookings for which a specific coupon code can be used.

If there is no information about the duration, the coupon codes are valid for 1 month after creation or publication.

How often?

If there is no explicit statement about the limit of possible bookings, a coupon code can be used as often as you like during time it is valid.

Coupon codes can also be used by a single person as often as they like (e.g. when booking for several bands).

For what?

Usually, coupon codes apply to all plans (monthly and one-time payment).

However, certain coupon codes may be limited to special plans. We will indicate this, if possible, where the coupon code is displayed. When you apply a coupon code on the booking page, you will always see which plans it is valid for and the savings for each.

Coupon codes cannot be combined.

How long is the trial period?

You can currently test BANDZONE with all of your bands for 32 days - with no restrictions.

What happens to the band's data if I delete my account (or leave the band) as a subscription holder?

After you leave the band or delete your account, your monthly subscription for that band is canceled automatically.

If the band continues to exist after you leave the band or delete your account (because there are still band members), your band can still use BANDZONE until the end of the payment period.

Each band member is informed about the cancelation of the monthly subscription via e-mail and can then book a new plan for the band at any time.

If you purchased a lifetime plan for a band, this band can continue to use BANDZONE permanently as long as it exists. A lifetime plan is a one-time payment and therefore does not have to be “canceled”.

How do I get invoices?

You will receive the link to the invoice with the confirmation email by Paddle.

You will also find links to all invoices in the subscription block on your band's subscription page at :

You will find the invoices for your subscription in the bottom right corner of the subscription block

If more than one invoice is available, the billing area can be collapsed/expanded.

Please note: the links (as mentioned in blue) will redirect you to the invoice view at our payment service provider Paddle.

When does the trial period for a band start?

The trial period for a band starts as soon as the band is created.

This means that you can test BANDZONE separately with each of your bands.

Can I change/upgrade from a monthly to a lifetime plan?

You currently cannot do this on your own. Please send us an e-mail to - we can initiate that switch for you.

Do I have to cancel before the trial ends?

In other words:

Does a paid subscription automatically start after the trial period and do I therefore have to cancel it if I no longer want to use BANDZONE?

You only need your email address for registration. No payment details are required and you do not start any subscription yet.

So you don't have to cancel anything before the trial ends. :)

Once your 32-day trial has passed, you'll keep your BANDZONE account, but you won't have access to your band data anymore. You can decide at any time to continue using BANDZONE via a subscription or a one-time payment, delete your account or 'leave it as is', for example to just receive our newsletter.

What can I do during and after the trial period?

During the trial period, you can use BANDZONE as if you had booked the “Plus” plan. This means you'll face (almost) no usage restrictions - only those that are also active in general and with the Plus plan: namely, a maximum of 32 band members and 8GB storage space.

You can book a paid plan at any time during the trial period, e.g. to use limited-time coupon codes before they expire. Unused test days expire if you book a plan during an active trial period.

After the trial period has ended, all of your band's data will be retained and you can book a suitable plan at any time. After booking, you can pick up where you left off.

You can access the booking page for each band via your band overview and, in the case of an unexpired subscription, via the main navigation in the band section:

Which means of payment can I use?

You can currently pay with credit card, PayPal, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Google Pay works with Chrome Browser on Android, Windows, and MacOS.

Apple Pay works with Safari on macOS or on iPhone and iPad.

How and when can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel an active monthly subscription anytime via your band's subscription page. You can access this page via the main navigation as follows:

This link in the main navigation takes you to your band's subscription page

The subscription page for the currently active band can also be reached via

Lifetime packages

You can't (and don't have to) cancel a lifetime package. Your band can permanently use a lifetime package booked for them - even if you should leave the band.

Restriction of cancellation in case of payment problems

You can't cancel a monthly subscription that has payment issues until the payment issues are resolved. On your band's subscription page, you'll find a link to update your payment details:

The link to fix payment issues can be found on your band's package page.

The link leads to a special page of our payment service provider Paddle, where you can update your payment details or store new data.

Can BANDZONE be used offline and/or directly on stage?

BANDZONE does not offer live performance or offline functionality at the moment.

Our focus is currently on everything organizational outside of live performance.

This includes creating and exporting setlists (for live performance), song notes (e.g. during rehearsals or individual practice), and files for songs. However, we are not (yet) a live sheet music or text app - there are already several other apps for this purpose.

BANDZONE is a good option for bands and ensembles that perform without notes/lyrics and/or work with printed setlists (created in BANDZONE), and that are looking for an intuitive tool for their off-stage tasks.

But it is not always an “either/or”:
We also have bands with us where some musicians perform live using one of the "live tools", but manage their appointments, etc. via BANDZONE.

Regarding this, our article on the topic of a 'Native App' might also be interesting.

Are there any questions left unanswered?

Have a look at our complete list of FAQs or send us an email to