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When and from whom will I receive emails?

From BANDZONE you will get an email

  • to confirm your email after registration
  • when you use the “Forgotten password” feature
  • after 8 days and after 28 days during the test period
  • as confirmation for booking a paid plan
  • to confirm the cancellation (your band members will also receive the cancellation confirmation. This is so that someone else may decide to continue the subscription without interruption, for example if you leave the band and cancel the subscription as a result.)
  • depending on the notification settings in your account, whenever a notification is triggered by you or your bandmates (currently, for example, when there are changes in availability or when someone explicitly uses the notification function)

From Paddle (our payment service provider) you will receive the following emails:

  • A confirmation of your booking
  • A monthly email for every recurring payment
  • If you cancel, you will receive a confirmation of cancellation
  • If there is a problem with your billing, you will receive up to 3 emails within 7 days asking you to update your payment details