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Where is the data stored?


BANDZONE is currently operated on a system hosted by all-inkl in Germany (see also our data protection information).

The database and uploaded files are also regularly backed up there.

Payment and subscription data

Your payment details are stored exclusively with our payment service provider Paddle.

However, in the BANDZONE system, we also store the following subscription data (including lifetime plans):

  • The ID of the plan booked
  • Paddle's subscription ID (this will also be shown on your band's subscription page once you've booked the plan)
  • The status of the subscription
  • Subscription start, update and end dates

For invoices, we store:

  • Checkout ID and order ID
  • Gross invoice amount, VAT and currency
  • The URL to the Paddle invoice
  • Payment date, creation and update date

With the help of this data, we can, for example, quickly check the access authorization for your band, display data to you and communicate with Paddle via their programming interface.