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2024-02-22 19:25
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News and Updates in

Version 47


Display of absences and existing events in calendars

Absences of band mates and existing events of the band are now shown in all calendar date pickers as well as the monthly events overview. (ZONE-2136, ZONE-2137, ZONE-2246)

Absences in the absence calendar (left), absences in the regular calendar (right)

Quick check & change personal notes for a setlist

Personal song notes (instrument and setlist short notes as well as general notes) can now be more easily added for a whole setlist.

This is how you can step through the songs of a whole setlist with the personal notes form remaining open for edits:

  1. Select a setlist (from anywhere, e.g. an event or just the setlist overview)
  2. Select a song from the setlist (any song - does not have the first one)
  3. Click on the “Edit personal notes” button
  4. Click the checkbox “Edit personal notes of the next song in the current setlist after saving this one.“ directly above the save button

You can also just jump to the next or previous song in the setlist via the according navigation buttons. This will not save any changes you made for the current song though


Assign band mates to an event

If a specific band mate is not needed for an event a band admin and event admin can set the band mate to “not needed” in the event edit screen.

With that you can now e.g. create rehearsals for the vocals or brass section only without these events showing up in the other band mates' calendars. Same applies to e.g. the technical team that often times may not be needed for band rehearsals.

For each band member there also is a default setting in their profile. This setting can be changed by an admin of the band (defaults to “needed“).

(ZONE-2354, ZONE-1190)

Block changes of availabilities

There is a new band setting “Lock event participations for regular band members.“.

With this setting activated, band members without band- or event-admin role cannot change their event availability anymore if an availability already has been provided for them and the event status is anything other than "requested".
Locked event statuses and availabilities are marked by a padlock 🔒.
Affected band members are able to request a change from the event admin via a link that is presented in place of the availability button.


Activate the restricted availability selection in your band's settings
With the restriction activated, certain availabilities cannot be changed anymore

Duration of sets in a setlist

Now the durations of sets in a setlists are not only shown in the setlist download screen but also directly in the setlist edit and setlist rearrange screen.

With that you can easily tailor the sets to specific lengths.

As previously the sets are defined by the songs between breaks. So to create a new set you would just add a break and then add the songs of the new set after the break.


Venue data in events

Now you can decide to store venue data directly within events rather than having to create a venue first.

This is helpful for “one-off” locations where you don’t want to create a re-usable venue.

However, you can also decide to create re-usable venue directly from within the event creation/edit screen by ticking the according checkbox. The newly created venue will then automatically be linked to the event.


Minor improvements


  • Flugelhorn was added as instrument (ZONE-2132)
  • Instruments for voice pitches were added (ZONE-2170)

Changes to “Add another”

  • Let song status be remembered when "Create another song" checkbox is set (ZONE-2144)
  • Let event status and event type be remembered when "Create another event" checkbox is set (ZONE-2145)
  • Let the "createAnother" checkbox in events and songs be more closely related to the save-button (ZONE-2239)
  • Add "Album" to the song fields and make it remember when "add another" is selected (ZONE-2171)

Status values

  • Change song status values "In program" to "Active repertoire" and "No longer in program" to "Discontinued" (ZONE-2174)
  • Add new event status "reserved" between "requested" and "approved" (ZONE-2214)

Events & Calendar

  • Change default view for rehearsals to “table” and “all event statuses” (ZONE-2209)
  • Let the venue city be displayed in front of the event name in the event block (divided by a vertical line) (ZONE-2262)
  • Extend calendar selection and view to contain two more years (ZONE-2134)
  • Add calendar subscription button to dashboard (ZONE-2290)
  • Add event type (as micro text) to tabular event overview (ZONE-2294)


Improve source and target drop zones in setlist edit and make them slightly better visible (ZONE-2266)


  • Make the file name optional (generate them from filename if not provided) (ZONE-2269)
  • Add file category "media" to event types (ZONE-2271)
  • Add some file categories to band (EPK, Rider, Photos, Graphics, Templates) (ZONE-2250)


  • Let there be a hint for how to use BZ "app-like" when it is not used via a link from the home screen already (ZONE-2289)
  • Add invoice number to events (ZONE-2106)
  • Let the green "ok" button in availability popup be at the very right side instead of the second place (ZONE-2131)
  • Change icons of mate availability (ZONE-2138)
  • Update all fav/app-icons and logos to the new single color one (ZONE-2336)
  • Move "general short notes" above the "big notes" field (ZONE-2210)
  • Add button to personal notes to song overview (ZONE-2143)
  • Move the message-container down a bit so that the "create"-buttons are visible at any given time (ZONE-2265)
  • Redirect to the song detail view after adding a song (ZONE-2285)
  • Move breakpoint that shows the menu from 1280 to 1275 px so it is also always shown on MacBook Pro Retina 2560 Safari (ZONE-2248)