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Who is allowed to do what?

There are band members with admin rights and those without.

More precisely:
There is always at least one admin per band. This admin can also turn other band members into admins.

There is no limit to the number of admins per band. This means that all members of the band can also be made admins!

You can recognize admins by the “admin” marker in the band member overview:

Lena is admin, Tobi is not

Now: who is allowed to do what?


Admins can do everything except for viewing/changing a few personal things, namely:

ONLY the associated band member

Each band member has settings and data that no one else (not even admins), can view or change:

  • Personal notes in songs
  • Personal song ratings
  • Personal absences
  • Personal BANDZONE account information (e.g. password, email and language settings)

Personal things that admins can also change:

  • Personal instrument assignments
  • Personal instrument assignments to songs
  • Appointment availability (event managers can also adjust availabilities)

ONLY the band member who created the "element"

There are some things only creators can do, namely:

  • Delete file

ONLY band members who are responsible for an "element"

Individual band members but also the entire band can be set as “responsible”. The responsible person or group can edit the following:

  • Events (incl. availabilities)
  • Venues

All band members

The following elements can be edited by any band member:

  • Songs
  • Setlists
  • Band info